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Start Day - ADMIN

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Start Day - USER

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Start Day (Time Entry)

Admins have full access to the system and can change settings for any user, create users, and run reports and adjust timesheets. Regular Users have limited access and can enter their time based on settings provided by the Admin. You can see a few minor differences here, with the extended Admin menu and shortened Regular User menu.

When Regular Users submit their daily time, Admins have access to the time for reports. Users have limited access to reports, whereas Admins can run all types of reports and calculate payroll.

Admins can Enable Projects to be selected on this screen. As well as change users to do Manual Entry, which allows users to select their day and time from dropdown boxes. Or use Stamped Time, which provides users current date and time to be stamped, without manual time option.

Clock In - ADMIN

clock in admin

Clock In - USER

clock in user

Clock In (Time Entry)

After a day is started, you will start logging your time, notes, and any PTO for that day. The main difference here bewteen Admin and User is the link to change Time Zones, (only Admins can make changes) and the main menus.

Admins and Users can both be set to select their time from dropdowns on this screen by changing settings under User Maintenance and changing the setting under Manual Option.

While entering time, the yellow box at the bottom tells you what you should be doing next, such as clocking out or submitting your time.

The SUBMIT button will be available after you have clocked in and out. You can submit as many days as you need to. This could be for multiple time stamps or projects. Project names will be listed at the top if you selected a project on the previous screen.