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Print Date: May 27, 2023
Terms and Conditions

First time registration for a company/ department MUST have the User Name "admin". The admin will need to login and create users for their department.

As of today, there are no licensing charges or fees associated with our online timeclock service. reserves the right to charge a fee for its services either in the form of add-ons or otherwise. Admin Users (with the "admin" user name from initial sign-up) will be notified of these fee based offerings via email when and if will offer any fee based services. By registering you are agreeing to receive emails regarding fee based services. You will need to remove or change your email address in your profile (My Profile link) after logging in to stop receiving these emails.

AMENDING TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS reserves the right to amend to these Terms and Conditions without notification.

Email support is available via the CONTACT link and inquiries will be addressed usually within 24 business hours or less. Phone support is also available by calling 614-636-3339.

DISCLAIMER or any of its adminsitrators or programmers will not be responsible for actions by its users in any way, shape, or form, including but not limited to payroll, payroll amounts, miscalculations, fraud, user and/or admin fraud, or any other action taken by users of It is explicitly stated here, in these Terms and Conditions for using, that any action taken by users of is the sole responsiblity of its users. Users are highly recommended to verify any and all information that is used, or received, via before making any business decisions, payments, or any other action.

None of your data will ever be sold. does not store any credit card numbers on our databases. All payments (if any) are made via PayPal. We will hold your email address that you will use to login to your PayPal account for verification of payment. We do not have access to your PayPal password and we will never ask you for it.

By entering your information on the Registration Page on and clicking "Register", you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions to use

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